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What does the content on your web site accomplish? Does it inform, persuade, entertain, educate? If you can’t answer this question, you haven’t considered how the words on your web site speak to your customers. In order for your web site to be effective, you need compelling content. This includes headlines, landing page copy, and product descriptions.

The Jaystudios team is ready to help you create a sales driven site using targeted web content. Whether you are starting from scratch or overhauling your existing site, our expert team will show you how to capitalize with quality web content.

What’s the first thing you do when you visit a web site? If you are like most people, you start by reading the content on the home page, especially if it is your first time on the web site. How long does it take you to decide to stay on the page or return to your Google results? Not very long, right? Now think about what customers see when they visit your web site. How effectively are you getting your message across?

Is your web content saying exactly what you want?
The average visitor to your web site should be able to gather the information they need in less than a minute. If they can’t discern from your home page who you are, what you do, and how you do it, we can assure you they will leave your web site and look for some place else to spend their hard earned money. If someone lands on your web site, they are interested in what you do. You have a short window of opportunity to capture their attention and make them want to learn more. Your chance of converting visitors into customers hinges on the effectiveness of your web content.